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VN Request
Hello, I was wondering if you can get a hold of [Crossnet-Pie] Boin? I scoured the internet for it but only found dead torrents and dead multi-links which is probably because it's so old lol (game came out in 2004). There exists a Super Pack edition (released in 2011) which contains animated side stories/flash games for three of the characters. I actually have the HCGs and galleries for the games but would much rather have the original source. Luckily, I already have Resort Boin which you actually have posted on your site. Honestly getting the Super Pack is ideal but if you can only get the base game, I would be grateful.

Edit: Super Pack contains both BOIN and Resort Boin alongside the flash games mentioned earlier.
Here you go:
Damn dude, thanks a lot but I eventually managed to find it through Deposit Files on Anime Sharing. Though I had to DL multiple parts, I found it in the end. Thank you for posting yours though. I'm sure someone will stumble upon this thread and use your link and it'll save them the trouble that I had to go through lol.

Once again, thanks Imperium.

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